The Memorial Hall in Padstow (Formally the Seaman's Mission) was taken over by a new committee in February 2013. The building was in very bad state of repair with the chimney and flat roof to the rear of the building leaking very badly, the existing windows were rotten and in need of replacing together with heating system and electrical rewire.

With the money we had within the accounts from many varied fund raising events and together with donations from individuals and the Town Council it was decided by the new committee to embark on a much needed updating, maintenance and repair programme so that the many users of the Memorial Hall can have an enhanced experience and use of up to date facilities.

Following the extensive programme of works the committee has achieved making the building fully water tight repairing the chimney and flat roofs, many of the windows have been replaced with double glazed units and new insulation has been incorporated to save energy and reduce the running costs of the building. We have replaced the old heating system with a new Gas Fired Boiler and radiators. The disabled access issue has been addressed and we have constructed new toilets that include full disabled facilities.